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Cat Skiing BC "Special" March 2018

Flexible Itinerary of up to 17 nights & 15 days of skiing!

March 3-6 - Stay 4 nights Revy, Ski 3 days

March 7-10 - Stay 4 nights Sicamous, Ski 4 days K3 Cat

March 11 - Travel Day - Stay Pemberton, BC

March 12-15 - Stay 3 nights Backcountry Snowcats, Ski 4 days

March 15 - Travel to Whistler, BC

March 15-20 - Stay 5 nights, Ski 4 days

There are some among us who just can't get enough of powder skiing.  And, we recognize that finding powder inbounds at a ski area these days of high speed lifts is becoming more and more problematic.  At Whistler for example, you need to get on the First Tracks wagon these days to score a run of uncut from the Roundhouse down and then, even if you're in the line for the Peak when it eventually opens, you'll be skiing through the swale until you get out of Whistler Bowl and if you're lucky, will get one or two uncut runs down to the chair or to Grand Finale before you hit the cut up again.  By noon, the entire mountain has been shredded.  So.....


What Can A Person Do?

Join us for a Ski Tour to some of the Powder Centres of British Colombia focused mainly on Cat Skiing!  Cat skiing you say,  why not Heli Skiing?  If cost of no concern, then, by all means, heli skiing will work just fine.  However, for the majority of our choir, cat skiing fills the bill admirably.  Cost aside, the slower pace associated with cat skiing culture is just perfect for the senior skier.  There is ample time to rest and recover in the cab as you ride back up after each run. There's time to rehydrate and graze in comfortable surroundings.  And, of course, each run down is pretty much virgin powder; run after run.



You can choose between 2 Core Packages and add on resort skiing at each end.  If you choose to add on resort skiing in Revelstoke BC, we suggest a 3 day warmup at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Canada's longest mountain vertical serviced by lifts.


Core 1 Package starts on March 7 where it's off to do the first snow cat skiing adventure with K3 Cat Skiing in Sicamous, BC.  Over the next 4 days,  you will ski powder like you read about and have dreamt about.  You will eat and sleep powder snow until you take a travel day to travel through to Pemberton, BC.  The Core 2 Package starts March 9 when you join the Cat Skiing for 2 days, Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, March 11 is a travel day ending in Pemberton, BC.


After a morning to rest and discover Pemberton, the adventure starts again in the afternoon with a 2 hour snowmobile ride to reach our next destination, Backcountry Snowcats.  You can elect to fly in and out by helicopter if snowmobiling isn't your cup of tea; here's the link for the scoop on that option.  Either way, over the next 2 or 4 days, you are off to savour the backcountry behind Whistler; a veritable powder snow heaven.  


As if that isn't enough, after a day off in Whistler, you can finish your holiday with as many days of resort skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb Resort as you desire!  In total, the Core 1 Package is a 10 night excursion with 4 days of cat skiing, and the Core 2 package is a 6 night excursion with 4 days on the snowcats!

The tour starts in Revelstoke BC and ends in Whistler BC.  You have the option to fly part way and rent a car or drive to and from Whistler/Vancouver BC.  To fly, you can choose Calgary, Alberta or Kelowna BC; rent a car there and join us at Revelstoke. To drive directly to Revy from Calgary, it's 400 kms and about 200 kms from Kelowna. From Vancouver or Whistler, it's about 500Kms.  


Core Package 1 includes 4 days Cat Skiing both locations +10 nights accommodations March 6 - 15 - $7,266.00 CAN

Core Package 2 includes 2 days Cat skiing both locations + 6 nights accommodations March 8 -13 - $3,633.00 CAN

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