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Testimonials from 2013 and Prior



My skiing improved and I skied runs that I have never skied before even though I have skied Whistler since it opened 
 Don Smith

Because of the SST, we met a lot of friends and feel like we belong here, despite we ski here since 1968. We moved to Whistler full time 2006. 
 Monika Elwert

We had a great coach and team - was able to see parts of both mountains I had never skied before...the powder days were "over the top 
 Gord Howie

I really enjoyed Gary [Cadman's] mix of coaching and skiing. He knows both mountains extremely well and took us to lots of new places, is safety conscious, and inspired confidence in me, which makes a big difference to my skiing. 
 Bonnie Hawkes

I am feeling much more confident and comfortable in skiing off piste and in the bumps. I feel better in the powder , but there is much more room for improvement! Hopefully I will accomplish this before I get too old to ski!!!! 
 Marlene Wallace

I thought we had a great instructor. We all came away from the year feeling we had learned a lot and had a great time 
 Lynette Cooper

Bill [Vennels] has helped me so much that my family doesn't recognize me on the slopes. They say I look like a " real skier"  I am thrilled to be a part of the program and plan to work on technique until they close in May.  
Greg Kozoriz

Wendell, just wanted to thank you for all you do for the SST. Having just joined this year I had a wonderful time skiing with like minded people and learned so much; that is, broke so many bad habits. Mike Jean is an excellent teacher. He explains the theory of why he wants us to do something and then gives us drills to reinforce it - the kind of analytical teaching that is right for me. He is also a great guy!
Anne Gartshore

Thanks again for all your work in organizing the SST! It is a great outfit- I am looking forward to next year already! 
Robert Gourley

Nancy and I had a great SST season with Bob [Calladine.] The group was right for us and we really enjoyed Bob, his approach and where he took us (except, in my case, the Chimney!). We’ve mentioned the program to a number of people who subsequently joined and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them get much pleasure from it. And more of our friends/acquaintances are coming. We should be on commission. So many thanks.  
Bill Dickson

It's a great program and thank you Wendell for organizing it and being so concerned it;s going well for us. keep going .please - Bridgit Duckworth

It was great to meet such a fun group and I always looked forward to the following week. Wendell, you definitely deserve the gold medal for all the work you do with the program, and you always make yourself available which is a super bonus!

  Gina Henry

SST has totally changed my skiing and my enjoyment of skiing. It has introduced to me a great many new friends. 
 Bruce Hawkshaw

Annie [Ernst-Taillefer] helped me become more aggressive and competent in the steeps, & more flexible in moguls and varied terrain. The SST is doing an excellent service. Thank you, and keep up the good work! 
 Stacey Gutierrez

The lessons have given me confidence in new terrain (glade skiing and several blacks I'd never attempted or even knew about).  Our team was quite evenly matched as far as capability although I was certainly stretched by the caliber of my teammates. If Lee Ann [Barczynski] suggested going down a run that I had never considered attempting before, I had the confidence in her judgement that I could, in fact, do the run. Again, this has opened up so much more terrain for me to enjoy.  Dawn McConnell

Skiing with Bill [Vennels] is such a treat. His skill as an instructor is phenomenal. Coupled with his obvious love of just being on the mountain, he makes every lesson fun as well as so worthwhile.  The SST has renewed and probably extended my enjoyment of skiing. 
Kathryn Ruddy

I was losing my confidence, but Ken [Chaddock] was a great help, being sure I was thinking were the feel of my feet were in the boots. 
 Gail Abbott

Suzanne [Malone] was relentless in constantly reminding me to do several things, each of which helped me to manage the powder and the bumps far better than I'd ever done before.  Suzanne gives us a lot of instruction, exercises to improve our skiing and explores the mountain with us, taking us to places I have never been, though I've been skiing Whistler since 1970.  Lois Sutherland

I have skied 28 days thus far. I am skiing regularly throughout April so will end up with about 40 days, which is a very good season for me.  I like the concept of the program a lot, and will be returning next year to improve my skiing.  
David Fredricksen

I think the SST program is excellent, providing an opportunity to improve one's skiing in a safe and fun environment  
Ellie Bryant

Team spirit and camaraderie was excellent in our group. As the season progressed, it was neat to see how much we truly cared about one another, looked out for one another and generally tried to find excuses for celebration and getting together. After all, a big part of SST team is the social aspect 
 Sylvia Koltzenburg

Once again we had an amazing and fun year with the SST. It really is an enormous asset to Whistler Blackcomb. I wonder if they realize how many people come for the season just because of the SST? It is a huge service that you provide for so many of us. I know that it has become a major focus in your life ( and Manon ). Your graciousness and flexibility do not go unnoticed. We just cannot thank you enough. 
 Lyn Stroshin

It was a very pleasant experience to be part of the well organized SST.  Gerry Cotter's teaching and camaraderie was appreciated by all my classmates, you really "stuck" me into a fun group . We all had a wonderful time.  Thank you so much. 
Fraucke Claus

For the record I would like to thank you for another great year.  You do an outstanding job in creating a fantastic learning and social experience for the SST members.  Di and I have met so many interesting people through our involvement in SST. 
 Dave Dunn


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