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 Ski The World With Us


Attention:  Effective April 30, 2022 and further to the COVID - 19 Pandemic Protocols being relaxed for trips abroad from Canada and elsewhere, all SST Ski Tours are back in the planning stages.  We will continue to reevaluate the situation as we go along but once again look forward to offering travel options to Europe, Asia and beyond. 

Hello Everyone: welcome to the planning page for ski trips abroad for 2025.  Although SST Ski Tours was newly minted as a brand name in 2016, we have been organizing SST ski trips since 2005 when we took our first one to Sun Peaks Resort at Kamloops, BC and then graduated to ski trips abroad since 2007, when we took the first of three trips to New Zealand then followed that up with multiple trips to Chile and Argentina.  Since 2010, our European trips have taken us to Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria.  In fact, if you add up all those weeks, we have skied more than a half a year abroad.
Joining in on the fun is fast becoming one of the preferred ways of experiencing the Senior Ski Team!
 As you know, trips of any kind take some time to plan for and to fit in to people's schedules; and for that reason, I have created this page; where together, we can explore and expand on the thoughts and opportunities that people just like you, are dreaming about.  
I encourage you to let me know what interests you, where and when YOU WANT TO GO and we'll keep building on those dreams until they become reality!


What To Expect

We've been perfecting the way we conduct our tours over the years building on the feedback received from our intrepid travelers after every tour.  Someone much wiser than I said that we have two ears and one tongue for a reason.

You've told us the type of accommodation you prefer and we've reciprocated.  You told us that you prefer your breakfast and dinner meals all included; check.  You've told us how much you like to have guided skiing so you don't have to figure out where to go and can just ski and enjoy the experience so we ski in groups of 5-7 skiers with a local guide taking us on the best routes and finding the best schnee.

We know that Europe and Japan are wonderful places to visit and explore but travel connections can be a nightmare; most of us have been there done that.  Transfers on today's tours though are now often highlights as we've found the formula and equipment that fits the experience to a tee.

You told us that you like to stay close to the slopes but not to close to the late night action.  Our goal is to find properties that are ski in and ski out or at least one of the two and that is pretty much standard on all of our tours these days.

We've learned that there is an optimal number of skiers for any given tour and once we discovered this, we've made it our gold standard.

Finally, there is always a level of ambience that develops when all is humming along as it should and we invite you to come along on our next tour to experience it first hand.

 2025 And Beyond:





Give us your input on your dream destination[s].  Whether it's Italy, France, Japan or around the corner in British Colombia, feel free to send us your thoughts and inquiries to:

Now is the time to think ahead and plan out the road map to meet long term skiing goals and dreams.  Think as big and as wild as you can; we're only going around once so let's make each year count.  

Think off the grid like skiing in Russia or India or Slovenia.  Why not?   Let us know and we will see what other people are dreaming of doing as well and put the dreams together.


Note:  All Ski Tours are based on minimum numbers of passengers and all quoted prices are based on reaching those numbers.  All tour pricing is based on a minimum of 18 skiers unless otherwise noted.  SST Ski Tours reserves the right to cancel or offer an alternate tour with notice should a tour not attain the required number of people before the cutoff, usually 90 days from the departure date.  Full details outlined as a Term of Agreement in the Booking Form.

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