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SST Questionnaire (Skier Profiles)
   Returning to Same Team for 2024-25

 To Complete Your Questionnaire, Simply Locate Your Team By The Coaches Name 

Re-select Your Team From Last Year From This List [even if you know the coach will not be returning] - 


Click the hyperlink, complete and submit your "Q" online and you're done.  It's just that easy!





Amanda Drage/Ed Freeborn Wednesday

Astrid Grandi Tuesday

Astrid Kent Tuesday


Bill Wilson Wednesday

Bob Fulton Wednesday


Bob Mayer/Vera Martinez Monday

Brian Rode Tuesday


Chris Kent Tuesday

Clayton Price / Colin Harold Wednesday


Connie Baker Tuesday

Connie Baker Wednesday

Cus Huckvale Monday


Dave Waterman Monday

Deborah Worth Monday

Gary Cadman Monday

Garry Cotter Wednesday

Garret Gentle Sunday


Harvey Soicher / Myrna Bush Tuesday

Harvey Soicher / Mike Blaxland Wednesday


Jacque Champoux Monday


Jacque Champoux Wednesday


Jan Matthews Monday

John Doyle Wednesday


Justin Abel Wednesday

Ken Chaddock Monday

Ken Chaddock Wednesday



Kristine Johnson Monday



Lorne Waldman Wednesday


Louis Joncas Wednesday



Malcolm Gray Tuesday



Mark Crawford Wednesday

Michael D'Artois Monday

Michael D'Artois Tuesday


Mike Blaxland Sat/Sunday

Peter Dagg Monday


Peter Dagg Wednesday


Peter Shandro Monday

Peter Shandro Wednesday

Ron Miller Sunday

Ron Miller Monday

Sally John Sunday

Sally John Monday

Stephanie Sloan Wednesday

Suzanne Malone Wednesday




TC Cull Wednesday

Vera Martinez Sunday


Wendell Moore Tuesday


Wilma Weidner Sunday


Wilma Weidner Wednesday



To Switch Teams or Day Next Season

If You Wish to Choose a New Team or Switch Teams or Day


Simply  Click Here to complete a Skier Profile Survey to join a New Team

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