Ski Japan 2020

How about 7 days of Powder Skiing in Tohoku, in the Morioka Region of Northern Honshu where 'Gaigen or non-Japanese people' are rarely seen?  Where is this you say?  Suffice it to say, it is off the beaten path and alien to Foreign travelers where you can be guaranteed epic powder and an authentic Japanese experience.

This trip is tailored to your every need from arrival in Tokyo to your departure.  Although the emphasis is powder skiing, there will be an opportunity to see the amazing sights and sounds of Tokyo itself.  You'll have the opportunity to ride the Shinkasen Bullet Train to and from Tokyo to our destination in Northern Japan.

One is our destinations is Geto Kogan, known locally as the King of Snow.  The region is also well known for hot springs or onsens and our hotel has 7 baths to choose from.  The property promises to be a week of Japanese hospitality, cuisine and culture.

The tour will be a maximum of 18 people or 3 vans full in Tohoku.  Of course, you will be bathing in Japanese Hot Springs, called onsens, and savoring authentic Japanese cuisine.

For the Tohoku tour, you start in the town of Morioka on the main Island of Honshu and then ski the Skizukuishi Region and enjoy a day of cat-skiing as well. As mentioned earlier, expect to see very few foreigners, enjoy epic amounts of powder, relax in 1,900-year-old onsens, and be blown away by unique cultural experiences and of-course amazing food.

Here's how you find out all the details, and get yourself and friends further info.  Click this link and you'll be directed to the sign-in page.  To sign-in, enter your preferred method of identifying yourself, create your login and follow the prompts.  Happy planning!

Note:  All Ski Tours are based on minimum numbers of passengers and all quoted prices are based on reaching those numbers.  All tour pricing is based on 18 skiers unless otherwise noted.  SST Ski Tours reserves the right to cancel or offer an alternate tour with notice should a tour not attain the required number of people before the cutoff, usually 90 days from the departure date.  Full details outlined as a Term of Agreement in the Booking Form.









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