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Projected Productions

And The SST

Partner Access Plan


Hello Everyone

Ski Improvement is an ongoing adventure in learning and learning comes in many forms.  As we get older, this quest may be more pertinent than ever.  Over the years, I have always searched for what I think is the very best and this newest  collaboration between Paul Lorenz, Reilly McGlashan and Projected Productions and Yours Truly and the SST Programs is another opportunity to elevate ourselves at our own game.

Those of you that are in my inner circle know that I refer to Paul and Reilly as the "Young Guns" relative to our age at least and relative to mentor Harald Harb certainly and I have used many of their YouTube video clips in the past as role models for great solid skiing. 

Last season, many of you availed yourself of the special introductory offer to 1 month for a look see and for this season, here is the chance for those of you interested in taking your learning quest further by subscribing to their video library for a full year for $79.99 USD.  Regular price is $119.99. 


Perhaps one of the best take a ways will be to see how these guys ski relative to some of the best skiers in the world and do your own comparisons, draw your own conclusions and determine how you yourself would like to ski.

All the best to you for great skiing



Since 2015, the team at Projected Productions have tracked down the very best skiers
including National Demo Team members, full cert trainers, elite level coaches and even
World Cup and Olympic athletes to share their knowledge and experience.


The Projected Library will not only improve your skiing, it will develop knowledge of ski technique and bio-mechanics, inspire with breathtaking skiing imagery, and provide step by step progressions and exercises to develop instructing skills!

This 2023/24 season, Projected Productions continues their affiliation with us with an exclusive offering to SST members. For this coming winter you can take advantage of a generous discount on a yearly subscription. 


Normally a yearly subscription costs USD$119.99 and as a SST member, it's yours for USD$79.99. This pass provides unlimited access to the entire Projected instructional video library for a full year and available from your smart phone, tablet or computer.


To access this offer, follow the instructions below:

Click through on this link to the Projected Productions Website.  Click on the Log In icon in the top right hand corner of the page.  If you're already a member, sign in or if new, click on your preferred method to create your account. 

Then hit the Subscribe Button.  Complete the details choosing the Annual Pass and in the Coupon Code window, enter SST2023 and away you go.

Welcome to a fabulous window into the Wide World of Skiing.

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