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Today I made my first ever skiing a million vertical feet! On Blackcomb! Not bad for a late start in life! Thanks to my dear Patrick who always encourages me and came up to celebrate!  Thanks to my fantastic coach Suzi Doggett and the great SST Program.  Thank you Wendell, Hannah McCurley


SST provides a great mix of coaching and social opportunities. Highly recommended! JG


This is our second year in the program and we think it is fantastic both in improving our technique and enjoyment in skiing and in making new friends on the mountain.  ****** is an excellent coach, very patient and knowledgeable.  We like the small number of team members and the fact that we all stay together for the 12 sessions. SW


I have enthusiastically recommended the SST to a number of people.  It is well-run program that delivers value for the participants. BM


My experience has been great and the other team members are a great group to ski and socialize with and we do have a lot of laughs.I think the SST is a great value and much better than taking a regular lesson.I haven't had any problems and look forward to the rest of the season.LS


The SST experience is like no other. How many folk take holidays to experience what we enjoy for twelve weeks each season, both from the social and coaching aspect as well as the club atmosphere. All of it helping us keep up with our healthy and active lives. Wendell and his coaching team are great motivators to that end....thank you! PH


If you look at the numbers and length of years most groups have been together, it says it all. MLS


The most exciting thing about this program is the enthusiasm of the instructors to keep abreast of the new skiing techniques (Harold Harb program for example) and the new equipment and imparting that enthusiasm to us.  Makes you feel you’re part of the mainstream in what is perceived to be a younger persons sport. DW


As a long time skier I enjoyed the technical instruction I received this year during my SST classes.  I gradually was able to apply these techniques, and feel more confident on my skis in all terrain. MLR


Without SST I don't think nearly so many seniors would still be having such a great time on the slopes. I think every ski resort should think about having such a program. I also think that you, Wendell, deserve a very big vote of thanks for everything you put into this for us. THANK YOU JH


I have made lots of new friends skiing with SST! It is really fun to meet Wednesday mornings and know about 100 folks waiting to enjoy the day together! SK


Wow there is just so much to say. I am such a hugs fan of the SST as it allows us to age on the hill and be healthier, especially with hints about fitness training, exercises, and readings to help us stay young.I am such a huge fan of this program because it permits us to be social ( so important to aging in a wellness way) and active and it motivates us to get up and get on the hill regardless of the weather.  Plus Wendell, our faithful leader , is very attentive to our needs and responds quickly and  accurately. BH


All I would say is it is well worth the financial and time involved in what you gain from the program ER


We joined hoping to learn how to handle bumps and powder in varied terrain. It has taken a lot longer than we thought it would but there were a lot of ingrained bad habits to break and new skills to acquire. We are very satisfied with the program. RS


This is an excellent program for all us older people interested in keeping skiing and keeping safe. ST


I think the SST is a great idea and am thrilled to be part of it RR


The whole experience is great.  The length of time (days and hours), the changing of venues, the size of the group, and, of course, we have a great 'coach' who is very balanced in her approach.  We do instruction and skiing in a very good positive blend in all conditions.  Our group is also very balanced and interesting (always a plus). JC


I have been in over 4 years and will be back again. I think that should say something on how good the program is. GR


The SST Program has kept up my interest in skiing. I am skiing the best that I ever have, which is great at age 72. I see others who are not members, who were better skiers than me, giving up skiing, or not being as good as I am. GL




Good instruction at a very reasonable price and meeting others with similar interests and enjoying their company. WB


The SST Ski camps are good because they concentrate the instruction especially on the abilities possible with the new skis and proper boot fitting and alignments. These make a huge difference to ones skills as well as the understanding of how the ski/boots work. Instructors should build on this. 3 Members of our Team have been to a ski camp and this helps. BD


If it were not for the SST I would have probably hung up my skis 'n' boots by now. I have taken NUMEROUS lessons over the past 14 seasons and arrived at a point where I felt I was no longer progressing and losing confidence quickly. The SST has been such a boon. Their goal of making senior skiing safer and more fun has awarded me with the opportunity to ski for many more years. And the friendships created are the icing on the cake MV


Before SST, I was considering quitting skiing but this program has revitalized my love for skiing and probably revitalized me. It has got me back up in the mountains, meeting new people and having fun. I can now see the possibility of continuing skiing for a long time. I can't recommend SST enough. CG


It's been an excellent experience....great group and a fun and knowledgeable coach, who does his best to meet our needs and make us happy. I come away each day happy to have been pushed and go beyond what I usually do on my own. BG


Since joining the Program, we have lauded its attributes to all our skiing friends as well as people we meet on the lifts.  I think we've been responsible for at least 10 people joining the Program.  It has become a wonderful focus for our week and through it we have met many other skiers with whom we've skied at other times and socialized outside of the Program. This commitment every Wed. provides just the impetus we need to continue to ski in all conditions on both mountains.  Also, meeting older skiers than us, some of them ten years older or more, inspires us to keep going and not to give up when we might feel the odd ache and pain! ND


This program is a terrific way to meet people to ski with, to get motivated to stay on the hill and to stay fit so one can keep up! And have fun.JL


The Senior Ski Team gets me to the top of the mountain every Monday and there is no better place to be than that! BW


I joined SST on the recommendation of a friend but did not really know what to expect.  The level of instruction combined with just the right level of peer pressure has given me the confidence to challenge myself to ski almost any terrain.  This experience has definitely exceeded my expectation. KR


Best season yet! I'm delighted with the progress I've made this season, which has increased my ability to better handle more difficult terrain. I'm fortunate enough to be on a cohesive and compatible team with 7 wonderful woman and a super coach. Who could expect more? DM


I've enjoyed my 6 years and will continue to sign up as long as my body allows me. The more I ski the easier and more fun it becomes. Meeting and skiing with other seniors is an awesome bonus to the entire experience! CG


I moved to Whistler this summer with minimal experience as a downhill skier. I was very leery about taking up skiing at all, far less at the age of 62. My husband, who has the same amount of experience as me, was encouraging me to give it a try again as he was keen to take advantage of the fact that the mountain is in our back yard now.. When I saw that the SST offered lessons that were only in the mornings, once a week, I felt I could give it a try. I admit I have had my moments of feeling very much out of my comfort zone but because our instructor has been able to teach me the basic techniques and then build on them little by little I am beginning to actually enjoy myself out there...most of the time!. Last Tuesday, not a lesson day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Without the lessons from the SST I never would have been able to enjoy playing in the snow on the top of Whistler. AW


The SST is an excellent program for improving your skiing skills. Anyone motivated to learn will enjoy it. It really motivates you to improve your fitness. AG


I have had a very positive experience over the last three/four years.  I have enjoyed the Wed sessions and look forward to the day.  I have spent a lot of time in my free skiing time on improving my technique and I feel that this has been fully supported by my participation in SST JF


We enrolled in the SST last year to meet and ski with like-minded people, and polish our skiing. The experience has exceeded our expectations in every way. Our instructor has gone way beyond his duty in helping our skiing and enjoyment of the mountain, and in developing a spirit of friendship and cooperation in the team. He is an exceptional and unselfish teacher who takes great satisfaction in seeing his students improve. I would recommend the SST to anyone who is looking for a rewarding social experience, while improving their skiing skills SP


Excellent ski instruction with a fun and enthusiastic group of people.  The coaches and participants seem to genuinely care about each other. JR


This is my first year and this is what I've found: There's a group to fit everyone, from high level skier to those who just want to ski on piste. There's classes for those who want individual lessons within a group setting and those who just want to ski fast and off piste with a group of like-minded skiers. We get highly-experienced instructors who have taught for 20 years and they get classes of fun people who have skied most of their lives. Recovering from double-knee replacements and having to learn to ski again, I've had the amazing experience of having that individual coaching, and am learning to ski the PMTS method on all terrains. The SST Program meets all needs and all ski levels, for all reasons.  And we're a great group of people! DC

Testimonials from 2013 and prior

My skiing improved and I skied runs that I have never skied before even though I have skied Whistler since it opened 
Don Smith

Because of the SST, we met a lot of friends and feel like we belong here, despite we ski here since 1968. We moved to Whistler full time 2006. 
Monika Elwert

We had a great coach and team - was able to see parts of both mountains I had never skied before...the powder days were "over the top 
Gord Howie

I really enjoyed Gary [Cadman's] mix of coaching and skiing. He knows both mountains extremely well and took us to lots of new places, is safety conscious, and inspired confidence in me, which makes a big difference to my skiing. 
Bonnie Hawkes

I am feeling much more confident and comfortable in skiing off piste and in the bumps. I feel better in the powder , but there is much more room for improvement! Hopefully I will accomplish this before I get too old to ski!!!! 
Marlene Wallace

I thought we had a great instructor. We all came away from the year feeling we had learned a lot and had a great time 
Lynette Cooper

Bill [Vennels] has helped me so much that my family doesn't recognize me on the slopes. They say I look like a " real skier"  I am thrilled to be a part of the program and plan to work on technique until they close in May.  
Greg Kozoriz

Wendell, just wanted to thank you for all you do for the SST. Having just joined this year I had a wonderful time skiing with like minded people and learned so much; that is, broke so many bad habits. Mike Jean is an excellent teacher. He explains the theory of why he wants us to do something and then gives us drills to reinforce it - the kind of analytical teaching that is right for me. He is also a great guy!
Anne Gartshore

Thanks again for all your work in organizing the SST! It is a great outfit- I am looking forward to next year already! 
Robert Gourley

Nancy and I had a great SST season with Bob [Calladine.] The group was right for us and we really enjoyed Bob, his approach and where he took us (except, in my case, the Chimney!). We’ve mentioned the program to a number of people who subsequently joined and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them get much pleasure from it. And more of our friends/acquaintances are coming. We should be on commission. So many thanks.  
Bill Dickson

It's a great program and thank you Wendell for organizing it and being so concerned it;s going well for us. keep going .please - Bridgit Duckworth

It was great to meet such a fun group and I always looked forward to the following week. Wendell, you definitely deserve the gold medal for all the work you do with the program, and you always make yourself available which is a super bonus!

  Gina Henry

SST has totally changed my skiing and my enjoyment of skiing. It has introduced to me a great many new friends. 
Bruce Hawkshaw

Annie [Ernst-Taillefer] helped me become more aggressive and competent in the steeps, & more flexible in moguls and varied terrain. The SST is doing an excellent service. Thank you, and keep up the good work! 
Stacey Gutierrez

The lessons have given me confidence in new terrain (glade skiing and several blacks I'd never attempted or even knew about).  Our team was quite evenly matched as far as capability although I was certainly stretched by the caliber of my teammates. If Lee Ann [Barczynski] suggested going down a run that I had never considered attempting before, I had the confidence in her judgement that I could, in fact, do the run. Again, this has opened up so much more terrain for me to enjoy.  Dawn McConnell

Skiing with Bill [Vennels] is such a treat. His skill as an instructor is phenomenal. Coupled with his obvious love of just being on the mountain, he makes every lesson fun as well as so worthwhile.  The SST has renewed and probably extended my enjoyment of skiing. 
Kathryn Ruddy

I was losing my confidence, but Ken [Chaddock] was a great help, being sure I was thinking were the feel of my feet were in the boots. 
Gail Abbott


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