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Savvy SST Skiers Schedule Cards

What the savvy SST skier is doing with their W/B lift pass these days - By David Malaher


A year ago, W/B started using radio-frequency cards for accessing the chairs and gondolas. They are marvelous, I have enjoyed using this new lift pass, and I have my lunch money linked to the card for extra convenience.


The conventional advice is that the card should be inside your ski jacket on the left hand side. The left-hand side is essential but being inside the jacket can be a nuisance when you reach the cash register to pay for lunch and you've left your jacket on your chair. 


The single best place for the card is in a card holder on a lanyard around your neck, swung over to the left hand side. The radio reader at the gate has no trouble finding the card and you will always have it with you whether your jacket is on or off.


All you need basically, is a lanyard and a 90₵ clear plastic card holder. Or you can use a hi-fashion card holder with beautiful diamonds (or rhinestones) around the edges such as illustrated in the photo. 


See the photo below that shows the basic tools for the savvy SST skier with lanyard, card holder,  ski-schedule card, lift pass, ski lock key and emergency whistle; all in one place! Swing it over to the left hand side and,



Keep your tips up.....





Clockwise from the whistle:

Lanyard (fancy)
Card holder (fancy)
Ski dates and mountains

Key for ski lock

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