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                Green/Blue Tech Camps     

                On Whistler/Blackcomb 







4 Day "Green/Blue Camp" -  Dec 17 - 20, 2024


                                            $TBA + Tax



Also Available April 8 - 10, 2024*



                                            $TBA + Tax


* The Spring Tech Camp Format is a 3 Day Camp and offered as a continuance of your current team program conducted by your current coach when 4 or more people sign up.  When your current coach isn't available, you will be offered a spot in a group of similar abilities.  The 4 day format that includes the boot fitting analysis and on snow dynamic alignment session will still be available on a limited basis with a slight up charge.

  • Welcome to the 11th season of The Senior Ski Team Green/Blue Tech Camps, a condensed 4 day program designed for skiers aged 55 and older who would describe themselves as capable skiers on green or blue runs and want to improve their technique, develop better control and balance, and work toward more difficult terrain with PMTS Direct Parallel® tutelage. 

  • Green/Blue Courses Developed By Wendell Moore, SST Head Coach

  • Conducted By Wendell and other specifically trained SST Coaches

  • Added Bonus: Green/Blue camps include a Structural Alignment Analysis valued at $299.00

  • Your Assessment Includes:

  • Ski Shop Boot Fit & Sizing Analysis

  • Evaluation of your Boot Liners

  • Foot Bed determination & evaluation

  • Boot Alignment and Temporary Wedging [as required]

  • Final written debrief


  • Movement Analysis/Training includes:

  • On snow Dynamic Alignment Assessment

  • Referral to Boot-fitter with recommendations



                                                           Ready To Go?



                                   HERE'S THE 2 STEPS TO SIGN UP

                       1. Click through on this link to Pay your Fee. 


                             2. Click Here to Complete Skier Profile


Important Camp Details

Green Level Camps


First, if you have never attended a Green Level Tech Camp before, most people should start here.  The Green Level camp introduces you to the inter-relationship between tipping and counter balancing, counter-acting and flexing, which is much easier to dial-in at the green level than to try to do it "on the fly" at the Blue Level, no matter what level you are currently skiing at.


Some unique reasons to start at the Green Level are:


  • You are still plagued with a "wedge" of any description especially if it shows up in your turns on steeper terrain; start with the Green Level for sure.


  • Your torso tends to lead you into the next turn or tends to follow your skis around the turn causing you to skid; start at the Green Level.


  • You tend to plant your pole near the tip of your DH ski then POP or extend, twist the feet and, as I am fond of saying, end up making "Hail Mary Turns" which are figuratively described as when you 'hope to land on the downhill ski' somewhere around the curve.  If this is you, start at the Green Level.


  • You've never learned to plant your poles; then start at the Green Level.


Blue Level Camps


Open to people who have attended a Green Level Camp and/or are versed in the Primary Movements [Essentials] and comfortable skiing on Blue Level Terrain.




Why You Should Consider Taking A Green or Blue Level Camp?


If you are looking for a way to thoroughly analyze your ski equipment, your functional physical capacity to ski and, get the chance to apply that information to improve your skiing, then this is the program for you.  As well, any of the following may apply to you:



  • You have heard and are curious about, and wish to be trained and evaluated using the Primary Movement Teaching System [PMTS] to learn the essentials of skiing.  

  • You recognize that you turn easier to one side than to the other and realize that if you went through both a Structural Alignment and a Functional Movement Screening, you'd determine the changes needed to modify your equipment and/or discover your muscle limitations which, at the moment, prevents you from enjoying the benefits of a balanced neutral stance.  

  • You suspect that your boots won't allow you to balance properly and recognize the purpose of the SAS* is to align the ski boots to neutral and give you the advantage of being structurally balanced on both feet, from where you can make precise turns.  

  • You may already be a victim of long term overuse of the joints on one side or the other, and, as you've aged, have developed poor mobility, that's leading to unnecessary muscle fatigue, joint pain and possibly to a completely preventable injury.

  • You'd just like to ski like or train with Wendell or Peter



If you answered in the affirmative to any of the above, you are a candidate for a SST Tech Camp.  Information on how you can sign up for the camps follows below the "Itinerary & Schedules."



Itinerary & Schedule


Day 1: (Green/Blue Camp)


1300 - Welcome Meet & Greet

1300-1330 Introduction & Itinerary 

1330 -1700 SAS with Movement Analysis/Training and/or

Structural Alignment Screening, SAS 
[Conducted at Alpine Pro or Sure Foot Whistler ]

Determine your current boot fit and the structural alignment in your boots with a written assessment


Your Assessment Includes:


  • General Boot Fit & Sizing analysis

  • Evaluation of your Boot Liner

  • Foot Bed determination & evaluation

  • Boot Alignment and Temporary Wedging [as required]

  • Final written debrief


Movement Analysis/Training:


  • On snow Dynamic Alignment Assessment

  • Referral to Boot-fitter with recommendations

1500 - 1600 - Wind up

Day 2 Green/Blue Camp:


0830 - Meet Base of Blackcomb 

0930 - 1230 1st Session on snow


Day 3 Green/Blue Camp:


0815 - Meet Base of Whistler Village Gondola

0930 - 12:30 2nd on snow Session


Day 4 Green/Blue Camp:


0815 - Meet at Base of Whistler or Blackcomb [TBA]

0930 - 1230 3rd on snow Session


*The Structural Alignment Screen is conducted by a qualified boot fitter at either Alpine Pro or Sure Foot Whistler followed by an on-snow evaluation by a qualified Alignment instructor.   The cost of the screen is included in your course fee, valued at $299.00 if purchased separately, but any suggested boot alterations required to neutralize your stance are at the owners expense.


The Senior Ski Team Tech Camps are offered at two levels of participation, The Essentials, GREEN and The Intermediate, BLUE.   The Essentials focuses on green/blue terrain skiers while the The BLUE focuses on blue/ black terrain skiers.


A Testimonial or 2:


Firstly the dedication and patience of Wendell Moore and Peter Shandro throughout the Tech Ski Camp was absolutely phenomenal.  Even though I was one of eight participants I felt as though I was receiving personal attention from both coaches. I only took up skiing in 2000 at the age of 48 and have taken many lessons over the years. This camp was by far the best. The attention, instruction, baby steps, video and the camaraderie through the 4 days was unforgettable. I highly recommend that anyone interested in improving their skiing and enjoyment of the sport take advantage of this exceptional camp. MV.



The overall Camp experience was excellent. I was extremely impressed with Wendell's and Peter's coaching skills.  Their proficiency and effective delivery of instruction based on the PMTS improved my skiing ability, increased my confidence, and re-ignited my love of the sport. Their patience, encouragement, and sense of humor made this an unforgettable and 'Fun' experience. I entered Camp with strangers, I left Camp with 'friends'.  Thank you. MS.

It is a very special experience to ski with someone of Wendell’s skill level. Just following him helps one ski at a higher level. He also has an uncanny ability to spot the root causes holding skiers back and then to communicate in easy to understand terms how best to make corrections. His coaching skills are at a level that recreational skiers rarely find. Thank you for a great ski camp. BW.

"Wendell is light years better than any ski instructor I have ever had.  The PMTS approach to skiing is the way to go.   Do yourself (and your kids) a favor and take some PMTS ski instruction from Wendell and his team and you won't regret it." JL.


Hi Wendell,

My name is KN.
I took SST last season for the first time, but due to my schedule, I am unable to attend any class this season.
I am mostly interested in Harald Harb’s PMTS. As an adult learner, I was unable to break many bad habits on skiing. At the end of last season, I came across Harald Harb’s YouTube videos and I was amazed.
He is right on my problems. Since starting this season, my skiing skill has dramatically improved even without skiing between last season and the beginning of this season. Of course, I realize my bad old habits come back upon fatigue. I am trying his drills by myself, but to be more effective and efficient, I would like to join PMTS lessons. The problem is I don’t have any other people to form a private group. If you have some other interested people, I might be able to join. Otherwise I must wait till next season to take a camp. 
Let me know if there is any possibility this season.

Thank you for your assistance.


Thank you for your letter and for your endorsement of PMTS and I am pleased to hear that you are already benefiting from your study of the YouTube videos.

We understand that learning a system takes proper coaching and try our best to accommodate as many people as possible into our PMTS oriented classes.  Unfortunately, your schedule has kept you from joining us this season.

A possibility for this year might be to consider a private lesson for yourself only with one of our PMTS accredited instructors.  If you invest in a 1/2 or full day of instruction, you’ll fast track yourself to the point where you will be able to enhance your self coaching and have an enjoyable season of self discovery.

Then, hopefully next December , you will be able to join the Green/Blue Camp and/or be able to fit you into a regular SST class taught by a PMTS instructor.

Let me know if you’re interested in the Private Instructor option and we’ll get it set up for you.

Hello Wendell,


After the SAS last Thursday I immediately started concentrating on being more forward (without any ski behind my boot) and it started paying dividends that very afternoon. Since that day I have skied Cypress 3 times (2-3 h) and W/B last Tuesday (5 h) and am making rapid progress. The SAS was a mini-lesson for me. I have been skiing 60+ years and doing many of the PMTS drills for about the last 30 ski days so am primed to advance, especially now with new boots. I am concentrating on making identical turns to either side. I definitely get on my edges a little better when initiating a right turn but the left turn is now almost caught up. I copy the feeling in my left leg and bring it to my right.


Your observations show that differences are mainly due to lack of skill and not alignment. Initially I didn't appreciate the knee to space between the big and 2nd toes idea. But after being more forward for a while I started concentrating on that. WOW! It is huge!  The razer accuracy part is so right. That really has affected my carving and I am just flying on groomers, even with black diamond steepness. I am also widening my stance to help tipping. I can see eventually achieving some incredible angles in carving mode. I have not seen that hint about moving the knee so the center of the Tibial Plateau aligns over the toe space between the 1st & 2nd toe in any of Harald's materials but it is amazing.  MN



Glad you’re getting along well since the SAS.  In a sense, that was a mini lesson as not only did you get confirmation that your stance is neutral, there was no break in period needed to adjust to a new balancing paradigm. So, applying the drills to your skiing  provided immediate dividends.  All good and here's to many more days of awesome skiing.




That was a great day.  I am trying to find a few words to describe what I learned, using some alliteration:  5T's:  tip, tug(the little move that we added to the tip which is super helpful to maintain toe pressure), topple, torque (counter-acting which requires tension), tilt, terrain (ground reactive force, letting the skis work),  Realized again that there is no extension in Harb - it's more flexion of the inside leg.  I understand it won't likely gain universal acceptance for this terminology but it works well for me. 


I did find it easier to edge hold afterwards without the canting adjustment.   Tried out the technique down the saddle and upper Peak to Creek and the speed control on top was a lot better.   Skiing felt easier.   Thank you for your encouragement and stealth observation skills.  PY



The Essentials Intro [Green], Intermediate [Blue] 

Must have a minimum of 4 per group


Cost: $619 + Tax*.  


To Register:  Click Here,  then choose "SST Ski Programs," then "SST December Green/Blue Camp 2023-24."  and follow the prompts.



Once Registered, complete the SST Questionnaire for the December, 2023-24 Camp


All Participants must complete and submit their SST Tech Camp Questionnaire to complete the Registration Process.  

Please Click Here to be directed to it.


*  Cancellation Fee:  You may cancel at any time until 3 days before the camp for a full refund minus the credit card charge of 3% of your registration fee.  If you need to cancel with 72 hours, there is no refund but you will receive a full credit for a future camp.

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