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SST Approved Ski Shops & Suppliers

Approved Shops

Alpine Pro


102-4557 Blackcomb Way, Whistler BC
            Boot Fitters:  Ernie & Bill

CAN - SKI Blackcomb

                             Glacier Lodge 

Across The Stroll From The Chateau Fairmont


                     Boot Fitter: Sean Boyle


Preferred Suppliers

                                  Skis We Use:

               Wendell - Head Supershape eSpeed

                             Wendell - Stokli RT Pro

              Manon - Head Supershape eMagnum

             Skis Available at Can-Ski Glacier Lodge

Rossignol Skis

           Rossignol Skis We Use:

         Wendell - Rossi Soul 7 HD 

         Manon - Rossi Soul 7 HD W

Skis Available at Can-Ski Glacier Lodge 

Disclaimer: For the purpose of Full Disclosure: The Senior Ski Team Programs may receive compensation in the form of discounted products from all of our affiliated shops and suppliers but not so much more from one or the other to sway our opinions about their service levels or skills as boot fitters or ski technicians.  We see them all as consummate professionals in their own right.

We also provide an after market service through our Better Balance Product  that takes a good boot fit to the next level and affirms and measures your ability to balance effectively on the snow in the ski boots.  When necessary, canting the boots may need to be done and is performed by the accredited ski shop.

Further Comments & Queries

We get lots of questions on what skis & boots and what shops and personnel we recommend and, sometimes, even why we recommend them.  Here are some replies to some typical questions presented by actual clients: 


"My trusty old boots finally failed on my last run last year (I guess it had to be the last run since one boot had a piece missing!) so I cant put off buying new ones any longer. Do you have any suggestions where I should go? I was impressed with the guy who helped me with insoles in ****** in the village location, but I am wondering if ****** or ******* in the upper village might be a better bet. Do you have an opinion? 


Thanks for your note and for your boot inquiry.  There are 3 shops that we work with closely and refer to them as our “Approved Shops” and there is now a dedicated web page for you to link up with and get their contact info. 


Although it isn’t entirely necessary, once you identify where you'd like to start, ​I recommend that you call up the shop, identify yourself as a SST member and that I recommended them to you and set up an appointment for a boot fitting.


All of these shops will do this at no charge if you want to try out the different shops and see what catches your fancy.  I have a little scale for you. Can Ski Blackcomb​ and boot fitter Sean is Good, Sure foot Whistler and boot fitter Sam and Alpine Pro's boot fitters Ernie and Bill are Better/Best based on personal preference.  Can Ski gets the Good not because of Sean's boot fitting skills which are excellent, but because the shop is oriented more towards volume sales based on corporate discount programs relative to customized customer loyalty sales that the other two shops attest to.


Can Ski tends to be less pricey too [if you qualify for discounts.]  All 3 guarantee the fit meaning you can return time and again for tweaks.  Sure Foot has a computerized method of determining 'the fit' while Ernie & Bill use the tried and true 'measure the angles and customize the fit to your feet' approach.


I have been fitted using the 2 methods with excellent results.  Both of my mentors Harald Harb & Diana Rogers use the 'individual measure method' and I would say that it is still the most accurate way to determine a fit.  Bill, Ernie & Sean are the closest equivalents and a lot less expensive than a trip to Colorado for your fitting.


Sure foot is a hybrid in this sense as the computer renditions allow a high degree of accuracy and at the same time, allows the shop to do volume sales.  No matter who fits you, expect a certain amount of tweaking to come as part of the process.


Think of the ski boot as a system comprised of 3 parts, the boot shell, the boot liner and the foot bed.  Once it is dialed in to become a system, it allows you as a skier to realize your potential [or not.]  What I mean is plenty of skiers are skiing around on boots that are a good, even great fit yet because they aren't 'measured' correctly to the skiers anatomy, the boots are actually limiting their ability to be better skiers.


For this reason, I like to impress upon skiers that the ski boot is by far, the single most important component to skiing.  Get into the process, enjoy it and be ready to learn heaps about your new anatomical assistants and extensions to your feet.


As you attended one of the Tech Camps, you went through the Better Balance Alignment Process, and, once you have your new boots and a good fit is established, there is no charge to you to get another on snow alignment check to complete the the boot fitting process.  This is a complimentary service to everyone who attends a camp or has purchased the Structural Alignment Screen.



Take this information, have a great time and keep me posted.


re: Better Balance ; What's up with the Better Balance...I'm always looking for balance exercises to practice balancing!


The Better Balance System is a dynamic alignment session conducted on snow.  The 45 minute on-snow procedure determines if your static alignment setup actually works when "the rubber hits the pavement."  The goal is to give our skiers optimal balance and control over lateral movements, the essence of good skiing. Once you're all dialed in by a ski shop, skiers assume that they should be ready to balance on their skis but often find quite the opposite and struggle with the setup .


The process was developed by Harald Harb and Diana Rogers  over the past 2 decades and today's product is the result of the documentation of over 10,000 of these on-snow procedures with skiers and they have amassed a treasure trove of statistics on the subject; enough to boggle the mind.


Peter Shandro and I went down to Colorado and attended the HH Boot Alignment Technician Training Course and together, have now conducted close to 300 or so assessments ourselves over the past couple of seasons here at Whistler/Blackcomb.  We are affiliated with arguably the best boot fitters in the Valley through 3 Approved Shops here in town, boot fitters that can not only do the measurements in-shop to determine the static alignment numbers but are trained on the follow up with the skier; to do any boot canting recommendations determined by our assessments.  


The better the skier, the more important this process becomes.  Of course, our target market is  skiers with aging joints and connective tissue; any skier over 55 needs to have good alignment, not to be the best skier in the world but to simply withstand the rigors associated with skiing and enjoy pain free operation of their ankles, knees and hips season after season.


You can find the rest of the story on our web site dedicated to Better Balance by clicking here

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