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 Chile & Argentina: late Aug, early Sept 2016

The Andes as mountains go are indeed a sight to behold.  They are expansive and the region is sparsely populated.  At the moment, there is no proposed itinerary for summer 2016 so the slate for a trip is wide open.  If South America is on your list of places to ski, let us know your interest and we will go from there.

When December rolls around here in Canada, it means the beginning of winter for us.  In the Southern Hemisphere, they are entering their summer and it's the time when Early Bird Ski Package Pricing is in effect for their winter which starts in July.  In fact, for those skiers who can commit to making their "summer skiing plans" for Chile & Argentina by December 31st, can realize fantastic deals; currently 35% off on accommodation at the major ski centers. 


For whatever reason, we have never had anyone book before the beginning of the year yet; probably because it is so hard for us to get our heads around the metrics.  However, when we book for Europe and Japan, we normally start taking expressions of interest in April/May and that's usually 8 to 9 months out and that feels normal [to us.]


So, are you interested in skiing in South America next summer?  If so, this is the time for you to "express your interest" in the ski excursion.  And, don't worry about losing your summer to winter, it's only for 2 weeks or so, so you won't sacrifice the whole summer to get on the snow again and enjoy all the benefits of getting yourself in shape to ski for the following winter.


It always feels like a "long way back" for the ski legs when you let them go for 8 or 9 months without hitting the snow.  But, 2 weeks on snow in the summer makes the return to the slopes smooth and seamless.

Our typical itinerary usually involves a week in Chile and a week in Argentina.  In Chile, we like to ski Valle Nevado for 3 days or so, a day or two at Portillo and possibly squeeze in a day of Cat-Skiing South American Style at Ski Arpa.  In Argentina, the biggest attraction is Las Lenas but there's also Bariloche and Uschuia at the end of the world on the southern tip of SA. 


Our land package typically includes most meals, transfers, lift tickets, guides and intrepreters and in past seasons, has cost between $1,800 and $2,500 per week per person based on double occupancy. 


At this time, you can help determine the level of accommodation, the destinations and even the time of travel by telling us what you'd like, so let us know by sending us a note by Clicking Here.

Where We've Been:  Cities Santiago, Buenos Aries, Mendoza.  Ski Areas Valle Nevado, El Colorado, La Parva, Nevados de Chillan, Portillo, Ski Arpa Cat Skiing, Las Lenas, San Carlos de Bariloche and vicinity.

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