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SST Cat Skiing Trips 2019

"More Powder Than you Can Shake A Stick At"

Departure Dates for 2019

March 10 - 12 - Sun/Mon/Tues


March 12 - 14 - Tues/Wed/Thurs

Welcome to the 2 Day Cat Skiing Tours planned for Winter 2019. 


The 2017 season, was our inaugural launch to this exciting skiing adventure. The experience was over the top for powder enthusiasts; not to mention the bonus 2 hour ski-doo ride in and out from the lodge.  2 days of Cat Skiing in the mountains north of Pemberton BC. starts when we ferry in by snowmobile, then have dinner & overnight at the lodge followed by skiing all next day, dinner then overnight again that evening.  Then, after our second ski day, we ferry back out in the late afternoon.  Alternately, you can book the heli lift in and out.  Click here to follow-up on that option.

Backcountry Snowcats is a professional cat-skiing operation in their 15th season and run by Whistler locals Reg & Kathy Milne and their crew.  The key is that they are a small, compact operation, nothing too fancy [except the meals, but it's comfortable enough and the prize is access to the wonderful snow and terrain located in the Hope Creek Valley, 5000 ft. (1430m) elevation at the base lodge.  From there, it's a 35-minute cat ride to the top of their vast terrain.

In 2 days, you may ski as much powder as you'll ski in half a season on Whistler/Blackcomb and you'll not even cross a track if you're careful. I think this is the best, most affordable opportunity for someone to get their powder fix compared to the options of heli-skiing or cat-skiing in the interior where you need to add a day of travel time there and back; not to mention hotels and so on.


After our experience this year, and knowing the quest that so many of our SST members have to ski powder, we feel that this will become a very popular tour.  For 2018, we are planning up to 2 trips per month in January, February & March.  Each trip is based on shared accommodation, double occupancy, so we encourage you to partner up and claim your spot.

There is no deposit required, simply send me an email requesting your names be placed on the Wait List and we will follow up once we're set.

The Concept

The Trip Planning started last spring with the idea of having our own Senior Ski Team Cat Skiing Trip.  After looking far and wide at the options, we settled on our own backyard for the reasons mentioned above.  All groups need to be 12 people in order for us to have exclusive use of not only the cat, but the operation itself! 


A very important part of a successful experience is to construct your group of skiers with similar skiing ability.  If you've ever been on a heli or a cat skiing trip before, you know how important it is to be pared up with a group of skiers of similar abilities.  Nothing worse than being at either end of the spectrum; either too strong or unable to keep up with the group.  Our number 1 goal is to screen our skiers and accomplish a complimentary group. 


To that end, here is how I encourage you to start forming a group:  


Start with your SST team as the core of the group and then invite friends and/or spouses who are of similar abilities to round out the group.

Choose your time-slot for the trip and then get back to me.

If you're reading this and you're new to the program or just wish to join on a specific date, contact me describing your skiing ability and I'll let you know if we can fit you in.  Remember, everything is based on 2 people sharing so best if you can partner up before hand.

For those of you who have never skied using Snow Cats as your Gondola, the first thing you'll realize is the relaxed pace of operations.  There is no rush, it is all about the quality of the experience and safety as the powder will be there.  And, before you get a chance to do it all again, you just sit back and enjoy the ride back up to the top.  There is so much terrain up there, about twice the size of Whistler/Blackcomb and only 12 skiers per day, there is an unbelievable selection of terrain for all skill levels from green horns to expert powder hounds.

Because we are organizing it all and the plan is to have the Cat to ourselves, you will get to ski with fellow SST'ers and friends so you will ski and apres ski with a group of like minded skiers.  It is 2 days of you, friends and the back country; doesn't that sound like a plan?

Skier Level

You should be a competent intermediate to advanced powder skier and have ski legs capable for skiing 2 days in the deep stuff with an appetite for more; in other words, you should come away satisfied but not need to rest up for a week before being able to ski again.  


You should be able to ride a snowmobile for an hour and a half in and out from the parking lot.  Depending on the condition of the track, it can be demanding but not so much so that you have to be an experienced snowmobiler; just in good enough shape to ride one for about an hour.

You can rent powder skis up there but we recommend that you plan to bring your own if they are 90mm or wider underfoot or rent some skis of that size and ski on them before hand as familiarizing yourself with the skis will pay dividends when you get into deep snow; the key is to feel comfortable on whatever you're skiing on.  It's been my experience that if you're a first timer in the back country, a shorter fat ski seems to be preferable especially to ski in the trees as they are just easier to turn.   Just in case, it's handy to know that you can rent a shorter or longer pair to suit the conditions that actually present themselves once you get there. 

The Cost

The price varies depending on the time of year booked and the operation.  The new pricing for 2018  with Backcountry Snowcats, is $1,900.00 + Tax per person based on 2 people sharing either couples or twin shares. 

How to Sign Up

These trip dates are open and saved for the SST right now but we can lose them at any time should another group book in ahead of us.  It is common for people to return year after year to ski with Backcountry Snowcats and the sooner we can save the slots, the better. 


We are now taking reservations on a first come, first served basis; no deposits required until Nov 1.  Send me an email to be added to the Wait List. 


Once we have the required numbers or by Dec 31,  you will book directly from our web site by clicking this link.  In due course, you will be asked to complete a Waiver.  With any further questions, you can always call me directly on 604-902-8643.

the fine print

Payment Information

Full payment is due upon booking.  We will make every attempt to contact you before this date.


Cancellation Information


All cancellations must be received in writing. There are no exceptions to this policy, and we strongly suggest that all guests purchase travel insurance. Gift certificates or contra trips, once booked are subject to these conditions as well.  All required deposits for 25% of trip value are non-refundable.


If full payment has been made and the canceling skier can find a replacement guest to fill the seat, then any funds we have received can be transferred to the replacement skier. If funds are refunded to the canceling skier and then charged to the new guest by SST Ski Tours, a $100 administration fee per seat will apply. If the guests transfer funds amongst themselves, there is no fee. If the seat cannot be filled, then you will forfeit all monies paid prior to the date of cancellation.


If you have paid for your spot in full and we fill your cancelled seat at a reduced standby rate, you will be refunded only the amount paid by this last minute guest (less the cancellation fee). Monies on deposit will not be carried forward to future seasons.

Backcountry Snowcats recommends that you have trip cancellation insurance, medical insurance, helicopter evacuation insurance, personal insurance, and liability insurance. We recomment Lifestyle Financial who can provide such insurance. Our booking and Cancellation policies are consistent with other snowcat skiing operations in BC.


Refund Information


There is no guarantee on the conditions that you will encounter on your ski trip. We do not issue refunds or rain checks if we are unable to ski due to poor conditions, personal health, injury or any other personal reasons.
The snowcat can operate in virtually any type of snow and weather. However, if they cannot operate our snowcat due to a mechanical breakdown they will provide a skiing credit on the unused portion of the ski package. This credit does not carry any cash value and is valid only until the end of the following ski season. Under no circumstances is SST Ski Tours or Backcountry Snowcats responsible for guest’s inconvenience or travel expenses. They do have a back up snowcat in the event of a breakdown.

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