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12 Week Program

Winter 2020 - 2021 Registration Page



Early Bird Registration Starts in Early October

Due to Covid-19

Registration News to be Announced Soon


Regular Pricing $625.00 + Tax

Last Year's Rate - No Price Increase!

Limited Spots Available



Early Bird Registration over the past seasons has been a huge success filling 92% of the 250 spots for the 17-18 season.  In 2018-19, our return rate also hit a new high at 89%!  In 2019 - 20, we had 300+ registrations.  Here's why:


Early Bird Registration is normally open every Spring from mid April to late May and has it's privileges including a money back guarantee for any reason should you be unable to attend before the start of the program.  It even has a limited extension thereafter. This season, Early Bird will start in October with Covid - 19 restrictions and that information will follow.  Here is the normal fine print:


Full CREDIT given prior to start of SST Program, prior to the start of the season. Refund can be given to guests credit card less $50 fee.


After Program or season has started and pertains to all registrants:

·         If no lessons are used, a full CREDIT given prior to start of Program, a refund can be given to guests credit card less $50 fee.

·         If lessons have been used, for Senior Ski Team Program ONLY, lessons will be charged at $100 rate per day.

·         If guest was injured in a Program lesson, we will not charge for that day.


Here is how to register:

Easy To Register


Notice:  Please refrain from calling before you are instructed to by me or until this notice has been removed from here.  Registrations are not possible until the rollout date which will be in early October.  Thank you.

Step 1. choose Your Day and Reserve Your Spot by Phone:  1-800-766-0449



Simply call Whistler/Blackcomb Reservations Toll Free at: 


Pick your day and Pay your fee. 

If we are sold out on the day you'd like to reserve, choose an alternate day then,

send me an email and I will add you to the "Wait List."



Step 2.  Complete your SST Questionnaire Skier Profile:

Choose Option 1 

To Sign Up for the First Time


Simply  Click Here to Complete Your Skier Profile Survey


Choose Option 2

To Sign up if you were previously on the program but NOT REGISTERED last season:

Simply Click Here to complete the Skier Profile to Re-join a Team



Choose Option 3


If You Wish to Choose a New Team or Switch Teams or Day


Simply  Click Here to complete a Skier Profile Survey to join a New Team

Choose Option 4


RETURNING MEMBERS Who Were Registered Last Season & Plan to Return to Your Same Team And Day: Click Here to Choose your Skier Profile












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